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NgaoPay gives you peace of mind.We secure your payment until your items arrive and in good condition before releasing funds to the merchant.

  • Stay in control of your orders
  • Secure escrow payment
  • Eliminate payment scam/fraud
  • Ensures seller’s commitment to quality and specs
  • seller’s commitment to delivery timeframe
  • Transaction tracking dashboard
  • Real time notifications

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NgaoPay Make your customers feel even more comfortable doing business with you by adding NgaoPay as your escrow payment option.

  • Boost your sales, increase your conversion rate
  • Guaranteed upfront commitment from buyers
  • Reduces rate of abandoned orders
  • Eliminates the risks of Pay/Cash-on-delivery
  • Get customer commitment before you make a delivery move
  • Merchant dashboard for monitoring transactions
  • Real time notifications

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How it Works

Transaction Created

Buyer or Seller initiates purchase. Buyer funds escrow account

Delivery Completed

Once buyer's payment is in escrow, seller delivers the goods or services to buyer.

Buyer Review

Buyer inspects deliverables and releases payment from escrow (or initiates a dispute).

Seller Payout

NgaoPay releases funds to Seller's account.

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